Service Overview

ASE’s experienced structural engineers deliver the best practices to oversee all your structural needs so to ensure quality and value led engineering cost effective solutions.

Our design stand stable along with the structure for various verticals like Telecom, Canopies, Buildings, Steel structures etc., We analyze and design the information from client, make the frames possible enough to carry the lateral and vertical loads and we strengthen the client information by our design.

What we deliver?

  1. Structural analysis and design of each frames.
  2. Design document for each frames we analyze.
  3. Ultimate usage of software we use.
  4. Cross check the analysis report manually if required.
  5. Attention to the design and detail.
  6. What we design is what we deliver in detail.

What Materials we design?

  1. Steel ( Hot Rolled, Cold Formed )
  2. Aluminum
  3. Concrete ( RCC )
  4. wood pole design

We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.

WHY ASE For Your Structural Needs?

Experienced in American (AISC), Canadian, European, British and Indian engineering & detailing standards.

Competitively Priced for your Projects with quick effective turnaround forming a dedicated team for every client.

We follow the principles of 3S’s ( Strength, Stability & Surety) for all our structural projects. Quality is our Strength, Detailed Reports on your stability checks and Surety on delivery within your SLA.

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