"The drawings are great. I will have more to send to you later."

Terry N Melanson, Sr. Mechanical Technologist, New Brunswick)

"We have found the quality of DSL drawings supplied by ASE to be of a very good standard."

Eugene Sweeney, Design Co-ordinator, Sydney

"The quality of the Vodafone work being returned is of high quality. The majority of ASE drafters are performing really well."

Tom Meiklejohn, Design Co-ordinator, Sydney

"Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to the team for the good work."

Graham Forrest, Design Co-ordinator, Sydney

"Please keep up the good work on all the VF deliverables."

Phillip John, National Design Manager, NSW

"Very good text frames for upgrades."

Tom Bracke, Site Engineer, Ghent

"Excellent Work."

Huw Davies, Architect, UK

"The project was well done!"

Kelly Callebaut, Quality Engineer, Ghent

"Thank you for the good work!"

Edward Pype, Site Engineer, Ghent

"Thanks for the work done in last couple of weeks. I'm very happy about the product and delivery."

Peter Kuo, Project Manager, Vancouver

"Thanks to your team at for the speed and the quality of work that is being produced is exceptional and greatly appreciated during this busy period."

Nathan Bishop, Design Co-ordinator, Melbourne

"All involved, thanks for turning these around so quickly. Much appreciated."


"Thank you for the prompt action! You have exceeded our expectations for time of completion: this is very appreciated. As well, the quality of the drawings is very good! Your effort greatly helps us meet our tight deadline."

Rick Cormier, Electrical Technologist, Toronto

"I’m very impressed with your work. ASE has done a great job."

Aaron Watt, Lead Telco Design Drafter, Brisbane

"Wow, ASE, Well done!!! Please thank the entire team from me!!"

Inne Lissens, Sr. Architect, Ghent

"Drawings look good!"

Colin Mingus, project engineer, Vancouver